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Ocala Breeders’ Sales Company                                        Fasig-Tipton
March Two-Year-Olds in Training Sale                                    Midlantic Two-Year-Olds In Training
Ocala, Florida                                                                            Timonium, Maryland
Sale Date: March 17 – 18, 2020                                              Sale Date: Cancelled
Under Tack Show: March 12 -14, 2020                                 Under Tack Show:

Ocala Breeders’ Sales Company                                         Fasig-Tipton
June Spring Sale of Two-Year-Olds in Training                         June Midlantic Two-Year-Olds In Training
 Ocala, Florida                                                                            Timonium, Maryland
Sale Date: June 9 – 12, 2020                                                    Sale Date: June 29 – 30, 2020
Under Tack Show: May 31 – June 6, 2020                              Under Tack Show: June 24 – 26, 2020

Ocala Breeders’ Sales Company                                            Fasig-Tipton
July Two-Year-Olds & Horses of Racing Age                               July Selected Horses of Racing Age                                  
Ocala, Florida                                                                              Lexington, Kentucky
Sale Date: July 14 – 17, 2020                                                     July 13, 2020
Under Tack Show: July 6 – 11, 2020


SaleHip#Picture/VideoNameSexSireDamSt. BredYOBColor
OBS Spring Sale 711View Horse'18 AliquippaColtFirst SamuraiAlquippaKY2018CH
OBS Spring Sale 735View Horse'18 Annie's MelodyColtUpstartAnnie's MelodyKY2018Dk.B/Br
OBS Spring Sale 749View Horse'18 Atlantic SwingColtSquare EddieAtlantic SwingCA2018Bay
OBS Spring Sale 809View Horse'18 Bridgette Bordeaux (Easton Rocks)ColtDeclaration Of WarBridgette BordeauxKY2018Bay
OBS Spring Sale 820View Horse'18 CabanaColtNyquistCabanaKY2018Gr/Rn
OBS Spring Sale 846View Horse'18 Catch My FancyFillyJustin PhillipCatch My FancyKY2018CH
OBS Spring Sale 887'18 Cocoanut RowFillyLiam's MapCocoanut RowKY2018Dk.B/Br
OBS Spring Sale 888'18 CodettaFillyOrbCodettaKY2018Bay
OBS Spring Sale 898View Horse'18 ConjuressColtBroken VowConjuressOH2018Dk.B/Br
OBS Spring Sale 934View Horse'18 Damson (IRE)ColtZoffany (IRE)Damson (IRE)KY2018Bay
OBS Spring Sale 973View Horse'18 D'Oro PrincessFillyAustralia (GB)D'Oro PrincessIRE2018Bay
OBS Spring Sale 978View Horse'18 Dream Of MineFillyGemologistDream Of MineKY2018Bay
OBS Spring Sale 982View Horse'18 DrumetteColtShacklefordDrumetteKY2018CH
OBS Spring Sale 1007View Horse'18 EvangelicalColtLoabanEvangelicalNY2018Bay
OBS Spring Sale 1010View Horse'18 Ever Nice (ARG)FillyFiring LineEver Nice (ARG)KY2018Bay
OBS Spring Sale 1018View Horse'18 False ImpressionColtQuality RoadFalse ImpressionKY2018Bay
OBS Spring Sale 1019View Horse'18 FancierColtDialed InFancierKY2018Bay
OBS Spring Sale 1031View Horse'18 Flaming SlewFillyConstitutionFlaming SlewKY2018CH
OBS Spring Sale 1036View Horse'18 FlattermewithrosesColtExaggeratorFlattermewithrosesKY2018Dk.B/Br
OBS Spring Sale 1052View Horse'18 FregeFillySquare EddieFregeCA2018CH
OBS Spring Sale 1057View Horse'18 Fugacious DancerColtInto MischiefFugacious DancerFL2018Bay
OBS Spring Sale 1069View Horse'18 GayatriColt Brody's CauseGayatriKY2018Dk.B/Br
OBS Spring Sale 1108View Horse'18 Greenfield D'OroFillyMore Than ReadyGreenfield D'OroKY2018Dk.B/Br
OBS Spring Sale 1113View Horse'18 HabibooFillyCandy Ride (ARG)HabibooFL2018Bay
OBS Spring Sale 1116View Horse'18 Hanalei HaileyColtMore Than ReadyHanalei HaileyKY2018Dk.B/Br
OBS Spring Sale 1155View Horse'18 Home Of The BluesColtCarpe DiemHome Of The BluesKY2018CH
OBS Spring Sale 1164View Horse'18 House MoneyFillyElusive QualityHouse MoneyKY2018Bay
OBS Spring Sale 1182'18 Indy DreamingFillyMore Than ReadyIndy DreamingKY2018CH
OBS Spring Sale 1192View Horse'18 Island StrikerFillyCalifornia ChromeIsland StrikerKY2018Bay
OBS Spring Sale 1195View Horse'18 It's Heidi's DanceFillyTapitureIt's Heidi's DanceKY2018Bay
OBS Spring Sale 1197View Horse'18 Ivory TreasureColtSky KingdomIvory TreasureOH2018Dk.B/Br
OBS Spring Sale 3View Horse'18 Kat Of KilkennyFillyIn SummationKat Of KilkennyFL2018Dk.B/Br
OBS Spring Sale 46View Horse'18 Leo's PegasusColtCarpe DiemLeo's PegasusKY2018Dk.B/Br
OBS Spring Sale 82View Horse'18 Luvly RitaColtVancouver (ARG)Luvly RitaGB2018Bay
OBS Spring Sale 140'18 Miss HettyColtMaclean's MusicMiss HettyKY2018Dk.B/Br
OBS Spring Sale 149View Horse'18 MommoColtBlameMommoKY2018Bay
OBS Spring Sale 161View Horse'18 Mott N HesterColtBrody's CauseMott N HesterKY2018Bay
OBS Spring Sale 182View Horse'18 My Rosie (IRE)ColtFrankel (GB)My Rosie (IRE)FR2018Bay
OBS Spring Sale 195'18 Navy GardensFillyStreet SenseNavy GardensKY2018Bay
OBS Spring Sale 204View Horse'18 Nikki's Fine TimeColtPoint Of EntryNikki's Fine TimeKY2018Dk.B/br
OBS Spring Sale 208View Horse'18 North FreewayColtInto MischiefNorth FreewayCA2018Bay
OBS Spring Sale 209View Horse'18 No SplitsColtAir Force BlueNo SplitsKY2018Dk.B/Br
OBS Spring Sale 210View Horse'18 NotherbeautifuldayFillyBodemeisterNotherbeautifuldayKY2018Bay
OBS Spring Sale 212'18 Numero D'OroColtFrostedNumero D'OroKY2018Gr/Rn
OBS Spring Sale 261View Horse'18 Pike CreekFillySpeightsterPike CreekKY2018Dk.B/Br
OBS Spring Sale 264View Horse'18 Pirate Cove (IRE)FillyLope De Vega (IRE)Pirate Cove (IRE)IRE2018Bay
OBS Spring Sale 269View Horse'18 Playful LoveFillyStreet BossPlayful LoveKY2018CH
OBS Spring Sale 301View Horse'18 Proud IndianColtPalace MaliceProud IndianKY2018Bay
OBS Spring Sale 308View Horse'18 PureColtHard SpunPureCA2018Bay
OBS Spring Sale 325View Horse'18 Radiant RubyColtExaggeratorRadiant RubyKY2018CH
OBS Spring Sale 332'18 RavenistColtVancouver (AUS)RavenistON2018Bay
OBS Spring Sale 392'18 SamsationalFillyMalibu MoonSamsationalKY2018CH
OBS Spring Sale 407View Horse'18 SavorthetimeColtMineshaftSavorthetimeKY2018Bay
OBS Spring Sale 418View Horse'18 SecurelyColtCandy Ride (ARG)SecurelyKY2018Bay
OBS Spring Sale 457View Horse'18 Sister KateFillyRunhappySister KateON2018Gr/Rn
OBS Spring Sale 471View Horse'18 SmooveColtSquare EddieSmooveCA2018Bay
OBS Spring Sale 480View Horse'18 Song GirlFillyHonor CodeSong GirlKY2018Bay
OBS Spring Sale 512View Horse'18 Starship LunaFillyMshawishStarship LunaKY2018CH
OBS Spring Sale 577View Horse'18 TheatricFillyStreet SenseTheatricKY2018Bay
OBS Spring Sale 600View Horse'18 Total WarColtLemon Drop KidTotal WarKY2018Bay
OBS Spring Sale 601View Horse'18 Tourist TrapFillyMidshipmanTourist TrapKY2018Bay
OBS Spring Sale 633View Horse'18 VenturiniColtQuality RoadVenturiniKY2018Dk.B/Br
OBS Spring Sale 634View Horse'18 Very Few DetailsFillyMajesticperfectionVery Few DetailsCA2018Bay
OBS Spring Sale 641View Horse'18 WacColtUncapturedWacFL2018Bay
OBS Spring Sale 667View Horse'18 Wild PoppyFillyAir Force BlueWild PoppyKY2018Bay
OBS Spring Sale1241View Horse'18 More ComplexityColtNyquistMore ComplexityKY2018Bay
OBS Spring Sale1244View Horse'18 Mystic RhymeColtMineshaftMystic RhymeKY2018Bay
OBS Spring Sale1247View Horse'18 Queen NefertitiColtWar FrontQueen NefertitiKY 2018Bay
OBS Spring Sale1255View Horse'18 Silar RulesColtSquare EddieSilar RulesCA2018CH
OBS Spring Sale1268View Horse'18 Unspoken DesireColt Anchor DownUnspoken DesireKY2018Gr/Rn
OBS Spring Sale1269View Horse'18 Winter WonderlandColtEmpire MakerWinter WonderlandKY2018Gr/Rn
OBS Spring Sale1276View Horse'18 Ash ZeeColtTonalistAsh ZeeKY2018 CH
OBS Spring Sale1284View Horse'18 Candy Cat CanColtLiam's MapCandy Cat CanNY2018Gr/Rn
OBS Spring Sale1296View Horse'18 Deep In DecemberColtUpstartDeep In DecemberKY 2018 Dk. B/Br
OBS Spring Sale1297View Horse'18 Deputy ValuationColtStreet SenseDeputy ValuationKY2018Dk. B/Br
OBS Spring Sale1298View Horse'18 Diva StyleColtCalifornia ChromeDiva StyleKY2018Gr/Rn
OBS Spring Sale1305'18 Go Go DanaColtExaggeratorGo Go DanaKY2018CH
OBS Spring Sale1308View Horse'18 Humor Me ColonelFillyInto MischiefHumor Me ColonelKY2018Bay